Supporters of serious, thorough approach to metal detecting by means of screen ‘Map’ can travel to the places they are interested in and look through GeoTrail, where they’ve been to, save their WayPoints (points that are of some interest to them) and FindPoints (their findings). This model is aimed not only at gold nuggets hunting, but it is also adapted for relic and beach hunting which requir,es super sensitivity to very small targets. Extremely high sensitivity of the device provides maximum detection depth as well as successful detection of the smallest gold nuggets. New metal detector GPX 5000 has a range of innovations in comparison with the previous model GPX 4500. Yet it performs better when jewelry hunting, than when gold nuggets detecting. This Fe-tone makes F75 very much suitable for relic hunting and can even relive user of fatigue after a long day of detecting. The other tone is similar to the previous one, however, this mode produces a low volume tone, when iron is detected. You might pay a lot for it, but this is a reliable metal detector that you can expect to have and use for years and if you use it in the right places, it can easily pay for itself. This machine has the ability to ground balance gold finder detector from highly mineralized soil to salt water without switching to special modes, it all happens automatically. Our final pick is a serious heavyweight, the Garrett ATX Pulse Induction Military Grade Metal Detector. It has GPS locating, which allows you to see what ground you have already covered and where you are headed, and you can use the navigational tool to keep you on track. It will keep newbies busy and content for years to come, and if you decide to upgrade, this will continue to be a great backup machine. It is the least expensive Pulse Induction detector on the market right now, making it a good option if you are looking to get a metal detector with that technology for a reasonable cost. The TDI was the first Pulse Induction metal detector that Whites ever designed, as a competitor to the highly popular series of detectors produced by Minelab. For a very experienced person, purchasing a specialized detector that is so simplified and basic is a waste of resources. With time, so many detectors with different parameters and capabilities are being discovered as the technology advances. If you intend to use your detector only on one type of soil, say on a beach only, then it is not necessary to buy an expensive indicator that can be adjusted to suit different soil types. This ensures that you will never dig with excitement only to find a metal that you are not interested in. Once you’ve decided on the best metal detector to help you find gold, the final task is simple: go out and start hunting. If you’re ready to get started, the knowing how to detect gold with a metal detector is a skill you can develop quickly. This metal detector comes with a 12 inches DD search coil.

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A Pulse Induction gold prospecting detector functions at a lower frequency allowing it to effectively search extreme depths for large quantities of gold and large gold nuggets. A high-frequency VLF circuit detector features a superior sensitivity to gold and other minerals. Let us guide you into the best gold metal detector that suits your goals. The unusual thing about this detector is that it is fills a niche missed by both PIs and VFLS – if you’re looking to search for the smallest pieces of gold nugget that are scattered in highly mineralized ground this is your weapon of choice.