Mission | Aspirations | Principles


We create unique products that are Sophisticated, Innovative, Iconic, Timeless, Earthy and Zen.  We provide extraordinary value(s) that enriches people’s lives by opening hearts and minds to new possibilities and perspectives.
We are the Happy Company!
Create a Happier world that will Inspire and Transformation for all!
~ 8 Guiding principle we live by ~
  1. Love: With great pride we put our heart & soul into everything we do.
  2. Integrity: We put Integrity before Profit.
  3. Value: We create products with exceptional value, quality and unique innovative designs that we stand behind.
  4. Environment & Humanity:  We are creating a better world by being Earth friendly, conserving our resources and enriching community.
  5. Inspire:  Our product and services promote healthier living, and inspire & motivate people.   We strive for collaboration & synergy with all our employees, vendors and customers ~ that motivate, inspires and touches their hearts and provide greater purpose.
  6. Authenticity & Uniqueness: We strive to be Unique and Authentic - by thinking out of the box and taking a creative entrepreneurial approach to everything we do. We follow our hearts & intuition to aspire creativity to the highest level in our journey of life.
  7. Unstoppable: We never compromise our values while being committed, determined, passionate, tenacious and UNSTOPPABLE in everything we do.
  8. OpportunityWe see and treat everything in life as an opportunity.
MAP:  Mission, Ambition & Principles © 1993 Copyright Mark Juarez