The Happy Company Healthy Living Products

We use herbs and spices in our grain filled items to enhance the benefits of these products through the incorporation of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the practice of using the essence of various flowers, herbs, spices and trees to promote health and wellbeing. Aromatherapy has many applications; in our products you will find that we use dried forms of various herbs and spices. We believe that we can capture the benefits of these herbs and spices through the sense of smell.

We use dried lavender buds in many of our favorite products as it is believed to aid in the relief of insomnia, mental/emotional stress, and anxiety.
Clove has a very unique, spicy aroma and is believed to have harmonizing effects. We use clove to bring dimension and depth to our herbal sachets.
We use dried chamomile in most of our blended herbal sachets because it is widely accepted as a calming agent in any form. Now who doesn�t need a little more calm in their life!
We use mint in our invigorating products as it is believed to stimulate energy, aid in mental clarity, promote circulation and relieve headaches.

We use natural buckwheat hulls, flax seeds and rice in almost all of our products. We began this method of filling our products as a means of finding a way to incorporate heat therapy into our products without the use of cords and plugs.
We use dried buckwheat hulls as a filling agent because it is natural, soft, fluffy and absorbs moisture from the rice and flax seeds as they are heated.
We use flax seeds because they retain heat when microwaved. Flax seeds naturally emit moisture when heated and then reabsorb the moisture back into their core as they cool down.
We use rice because it retains heat when microwaved. Rice naturally emits moisture when heated and then reabsorbs the moisture back into its core as it cools down. We also love how rice allows
our products to contour to your unique shape!