The Happy Company Healthy Living Products

While we may have started the company on a small budget and a big dream, The Happy Company has endured and grown with the times. The 21st century has brought stress reduction, healthy eating, exercise, and wellness to the forefront of the collective consciousness. As a culture of multi-tasking jet setters, healthy living has to �take a number� in order to fit into your busy schedules. The Happy Company has remained devoted to developing tools for healthy living that fit into the modern lifestyle

Today, our purpose is to inspire you to take care of yourself, love yourself and shine your light on those around you. Live, love and be happy!

Our mission at The Happy Company is to promote healthy living and wellness through good-for-you products and feel-good experiences. We do this by giving you the tools you need to lead a healthier, happier life.
In the early 90�s, dedicated massage therapist, Mark Juarez, found himself making small hand- held wooden massagers for his clients to help them practice self-massage. Mark quickly realized that this tool was a vehicle for bringing the healing benefits of massage to everyone. Believing that massage is a means of aligning the mind, body and spirit, Mark decided to devote his life to making personal massage products that bring the power of the healing arts into the home.

In 1992 Mark fulfilled his longtime dream of promoting tools for healthy living, and The Happy Company was born. With a devoted staff and great products, The Happy Company began an international movement we now know as the relaxation industry.